Reconstructing Data From A Corrupt Apple ][ Floppy Disk

Back in 1990 [Benjamin Zotto] wrote – while in elementary school – a dog racing game called Wonderland 2. The BASIC source code and images for the game were stored on a single ProDOS formatted, sof…

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Has anyone managed to get Archive Box running in a jail? This whole don't-run-as-root thing doesn't make much sense in a container world imo

I love artist conception images of space mega-structures like an O'Neill cylinder.

They always put in so much green space.

In a place where everything has to be BUILT at a cost of something like a million dollars per square meter, of course they'll put in a rural village.

Probably the best CD I ever found at a second hand shop. Surf rock + horror + a cute little story. What could be better?

Bored officeworker vibes: sliding documents around on a scanner is fun

It's almost tax season (if you're in the US). Wouldn't you like your taxes filed in this sweet office?

I went out to get a roll of quarters and came back with this.

I bought a Digital Audio Tape player. I will have this in my apartment now. Why did I do this?

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