Right on time, Melsonian Arts Council released a new book, Slow Sleigh to Plankton Downs. Going to start building out my first real campaign with this. melsonia.com/preorder-slow-sle

Is there an equivalent to nerd sniping for making someone assemble a meme for you? Happy Friday

Hey 1980s Nevada County, wanna send some of that wet to 2020s Nevada County?

Breaking this bad boy out again. The battery lid is missing so I'm using a washer and some electrical tape but hey it works!

Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

Went to a moving sale out in the hills and there was a fucking airstrip next to the house. Way to put my hobbies to shame

I have fallen in love with hanging folders with tabs. I especially love them when I am highly caffeinated and in search of a mindless task. If you don't like hanging folders with tabs I would like to fight you

In case I hadn't explicitly stated it before, I'm always looking for more pen pals. I'm not that interesting but I love exchanging postcards and miscellanea. DM for address!

🎨 Hunting & other sketches in Central Africa, the Congo, Kwilu, & south west coast district

creepy ec from Twilight Zone man 

Welcome to the Pride Month edition of: Going Through the Bags Of VHS Tapes From A Garage Sale. Featuring very cool sleeve designs and a promotional video for the Villages that this gentleman never made it to.

Ahhh why didn't anyone warn me about pine sap? It's like some stuck a pack of chewed bubblegum to my forearms.

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