How do I unlearn saying 'no worries' whenever someone says thank you or sorry? I swear that is the most common phrase I use in chat.

I have been able to amuse myself by creating a miniature suspension bridge. How's your Thursday?

this is the same picture but taken with Google camera using "night sight". It's not realistic, but an interesting look nonetheless

Today I mastered the art of the pistol-grip tape dispenser

>tfw Daft Punk will never play at my house, my house

Has anyone heard of this book, The Planiverse? I read it as a teenager waiting for my mum in the university library and it stuck with me. I managed to track down a second hand copy! :D

It's set in a 2D world and frequently digresses to explain how things work. I love it.


elevator pitch: it's a script that archives a mastodon instance into a static web site so no urls break but it can be hosted in perpetuity for a thousandth the cost of hosting it as an active instance.

A forest buried by man, man buried by forest.

Location: 10 kilometre exclusion-zone. Pripyat, Ukraine. 2019


Vietnamese history, idk 

This is my hometown. It's quite quiet, but there is going on enough for it not to be boring. Beautiful nature is present all around and the sunrises are beautiful. However these are photos of sunset, which are very rare, because the clouds tend to occupy the close western alpine regions and they block the evening light.

#photography #photographie #photo #landscape #city #sunset #outdoor

These flowers are pretty. But she doesn't want flowers, she wants Pokemon cards.

Any recommendations on owned setups? Rooftop or freestanding. Do I just use aliexpress?

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