I was woken up this morning by squirrels jumping off the roof. Having fun, you little shit?

3D ultrasounds are wild. You go little buddy, eat your foot while you still can. In the real world everyone will judge you for eating your foot.

Here's the rundown of an easy method for growing :
1. Take a log, preferably a solid hardwood like oak that has been cut/fallen from a living tree a few weeks ago
2. Drill rows of 1/2 inch holes, spaced 6" apart, rows spaced 2"
3. Fill the holes with shiitake spawn/sawdust mixture
4. Cover the holes up with wax to protect the spawn
5. Keep moist, wait a few weeks until the log is fully cultured
6. Force fruiting by submerging in water for 24h
7. Experiment, harvest for n years

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Visited a farm today! Learned about spore printing and log innoculation. Guess there's something I can make out of all the downed trees around here.

When you're getting started with #golang the linters are your best friends: they will spot your mistakes before you do and will generally improve your code and coding style - a lot. Use them!

Quick tutorial:

- install golangci-lint, a "meta" linter that wraps a whole collection of Go linters for you

- download the example .golangci.yml config from gist.github.com/muesli/9b6a5fb

- copy it to your project's root

- enable the linter in your IDE or run it manually: golangci-lint run

Happy hacking!

Electricity has been restored to my abode. I didn't even need to use the Pope John Paul II (last good pope according to some or just new old stock?) votive candle.

Looking for on care and arboreal science. When the snow melts I'm going to be triaging a lot of storm damaged oaks and pines. Some will be able to be kept as bird habitats, others will likely need to come down. I need some guidance on making that decision.

Unexpected benefit of power being off for most of the county is how easy it is to see the milky way. Feels a bit like a dark sky park out here.

Geez, got paged this morning. Apparently it's Y2K22. Happy New Year to computers everywhere!

Last night gave me some time to read @rek and @neauoire 's Busy Doing Nothing by candle light. It helped give me some perspective on the situation. And also @ritualdust 's Fantomes was just fun to read by candle light.

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Y and I have safely evacuated out of this winter wonderland. Half a meter of snow brought trees and branches down on power lines, roads, and our house. Fortunately the ones that have fallen so far haven't gone through the roof. Blessed by good neighbors, especially ones with backhoes, extra gas, and a communal spirit.

Also, I'm cleaning out old conference/tech tshirts that either don't fit my body or my ethics. If anyone would like one ( + free shipping) for whatever purpose you see fit, him me up. Sizes and descriptions in caption.

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Hello Fedifriends! It's a snowy day out here and I've re-established my writing desk. I'm looking for a . If you'd like to exchange some letters, DM me your address (or you can have mine if you'd prefer).

Does anyone else have their journals from junior high school? I don't know what to do with them. I don't want to throw them away but I also can't bear to read them due to how cringe they are.

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