Anyone familiar with a community or fuck it even some AI shit that is good at deciphering handwriting?

I can read everything except the year. 1907?

The context is this store: which is the hue of a photo from the 00s but has some graphic design and devices that imply a later date. I don't know. I'm not an expert in old houseware

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One thing that I've always wanted to do is train a model on photographs and given context clues -- mostly the film but eventually the clothing styles-- guess the decade a photo came from.

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I'm tending towards 1905 as well. One clue could be the vacuum flasks on display on the left. If this is from 1905 they would be just entering commercial production, still very new and fancy items.
There is always also the possibility that the photo was only printed later and misdated a bit..

@grumpy I read the date as 1955. Sepia toning photographs was most consistently done in the late 19th century, but would definitely be done in the 50s if people wanted to preserve a photograph for a long time.

The word 'exposure' suggests the text was written by the photographer. 64 is very likely to be the exposure value (probably in one of the systems preceding the ASA system), not a year or frame number.

@grumpy I love snooping around in old photos. On top of the display case there are "Stormtight" products, but I can't make out what they are. One has the great slogan "Science Beats the Rainstorm".

Both the name and the slogan produce ZERO results on google. I also checked eBay, since if it's some old stuff, maybe somebody is selling it, but nothing.

@tsturm Good eye! Tune in for more. I'm working through annotating ~400 photos I picked up recently. Now that I know fedi finds this sort of thing mildly interesting, I'll try to find some other interesting ones to share.

@grumpy I don't know photography but the top line is close to

"exposure aft 64 10 sie"

And the bottom line reads

"East side of store"

@grumpy Oh I misread your initial message. It's the *year* you can't read. Same here. I thought I was being a savant with my ability to read chicken scratch

@flip yeah, come to think of it the photographic technology would probably be a nice hint if I knew that history better

@grumpy I guess I'd say the third digit isn't a zero. It moves clockwise from start which doesn't match the other 0 or the Os

@grumpy From a Hong Kong handwriting perspective it looks like 1905.

No idea about the rest, and I don't know about handwriting, but will repost.

@clacke @grumpy I have no idea. What language is this? I read is as: "Et bosure okt 64 10 sle", the second line looks like: "Eust side Zstre". I agree with the last line reading 1905.

@loke any sufficiently old bit of English looks like a different language hahah. Who knows, maybe they grew up in a German-American area. You should see some of the handwriting from Cincinnati from that era.

@grumpy A colleague of mine suggests that the second line reads "East side store".

@grumpy "Exposure apt(?) 64 10 Ave

East side 2 store


@grumpy In 1940 (ok, 35 years later), 64 10th Ave was a giant warehouse of the National Biscuit Company - assuming we are talking New York here.

There are no small stores on that block. 564 10th Ave on the other hand is between 41st and 42nd street and it's all small stores.

@grumpy Looking through 10th Ave in 1940, 364 and 254 would also be small stores, but I can't make that scrawl on the paper a 2 or 3. Looks like a 5.

@grumpy On the 1940s NY Streetview site I can actually find photos on that block for 558-562 and for 568. There is a truck parked in front of 564-566. The other possible blocks have no good photo coverage on that site.

@tsturm @grumpy That's what I read too. Which would make sense, and the first line means f/64 in today's terminology

@grumpy Reads like 1985 to me, but that seems too modern. Probably 1905, then?

I sometimes write 5 like that 🤷

@grumpy The second line might say "east side of store."

@grumpy I’d say 1987. Looks a lot like my and my moms handwriting when done in a hurry

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