Ahhh why didn't anyone warn me about pine sap? It's like some stuck a pack of chewed bubblegum to my forearms.

@grumpy Why did someone stick pine sap to your forearms?

@POTATO_UP_MY_BUTT I stuck pine sap to myself using a limb lopper and the notion that I should trim some trees

@grumpy Sap is fun! I think either cooking oil or alcohol helps remove it. I also always found that just letting it be for an hour or two dealt with it.

@grumpy Yeah, that's a bitch to remove isn't it? :eyeless_smile: If I remember right, some alcohol (hand sanitizer, for example) should do the trick.

@Mayana that worked great! It also let me know where all my most recent lacerations were

@grumpy Ah darn. Perhaps there's something less painful I could've suggested. Well, at least they're definitely clean now.

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