Whole-house fans are incredible. Despite the weather hitting 105F today, I was able to run the fan last night and coast the whole day without running the AC. Which both saves like 5kwh/day and avoids spending power during peak pricing.

That being said, I can't wait to get the solar install rolling

A quick follow-up on the whole house fan thing. Here I have my energy usage as reported by PG&E next to the temperaturers recorded inside and outside my house by my weather station. The solid line's drop on Monday 0400 was when I woke up in the middle of the night and started the whole house fan for the first time. The dips in the solid line around 2100 each day are when I start the fan after peak time (1/2)

* whole house fan makes a bigger impact when there's a large differential in temperature (duh)
* PG&E has no factual basis for their temperature readings (also not surprising)
* I love (2/2)

I should clarify the arrows are pointing to two days with similar temperatures, the left with AC, the right using a fan at night

@pelagikat Those little roof-top spinner fans do great! I have one on the garage/workshop. But this one is on a larger scale. The whole-house fan sucks hot air from indoor out through the roof and in the process pulls in cool, night air through the open windows of the house making a lovely breeze that usually brings the house to the outdoor temperature in a few hours. Just have to invest in some paperweights.

@grumpy My house has one that was likely installed prior to air conditioning being installed. It's been very poorly maintained and mostly just makes an awful noise. I would definitely like to get it replaced one day, though. Here in the south, we often need AC as much to control humidity as temperature, but on dry days of a reasonable temperature...

@roadriverrail understandable! My childhood home in the midwest had a fan that I recall being afraid of due to the terrible racket and slamming of non-doorstopped doors. Out in the west, at least this year, we don't have much humidity to worry about.

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