Whole-house fans are incredible. Despite the weather hitting 105F today, I was able to run the fan last night and coast the whole day without running the AC. Which both saves like 5kwh/day and avoids spending power during peak pricing.

A quick follow-up on the whole house fan thing. Here I have my energy usage as reported by PG&E next to the temperaturers recorded inside and outside my house by my weather station. The solid line's drop on Monday 0400 was when I woke up in the middle of the night and started the whole house fan for the first time. The dips in the solid line around 2100 each day are when I start the fan after peak time (1/2)


* whole house fan makes a bigger impact when there's a large differential in temperature (duh)
* PG&E has no factual basis for their temperature readings (also not surprising)
* I love wifilogger.net/index.html (2/2)

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