Y and I have safely evacuated out of this winter wonderland. Half a meter of snow brought trees and branches down on power lines, roads, and our house. Fortunately the ones that have fallen so far haven't gone through the roof. Blessed by good neighbors, especially ones with backhoes, extra gas, and a communal spirit.

Last night gave me some time to read @rek and @neauoire 's Busy Doing Nothing by candle light. It helped give me some perspective on the situation. And also @ritualdust 's Fantomes was just fun to read by candle light.

@grumpy @rek @ritualdust it was written by candle-light so, no better fitting way to read it 🕯️

@grumpy @rek @neauoire That's a great way to experience the zine, looks like they both kept you good company :)

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