New blog post! I finished reading The Travels of Sir John Mandeville and wrote down all of the fun middle english words I didn't know. Here are a few examples:

mickle: a great many
"Men go to the city of Rames, the which is but a little thence; and it is a fair city and a good and mickle folk therein."

septentrion: north, or northerly regions
"And therefore in the Septentrion, that is very north, is the land so cold, that no man may dwell there."

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@grumpy 'Many a mickle makes a muckle' is a scots saying... Meaning lots of little things add up to a large thing. But yes OED suggests that mickle means a great deal and that the saying is a corruption of 'many a little makes a mickle'. In Scotland now people would use the word muckle to mean a great deal or large. 'A muckle great dog!'

@Lemmy that's some great context. I noticed that many of the words were listed in wiktionary as "obsolete, except Scotland" so cheers for keeping these words alive!

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