Where the Wheat Grows Tall is the perfect autumn . It's based in Slavic folklore and has adorable illustrations of little demon crop children and noon wraiths. kickstarter.com/projects/aband

Spatial reasoning standardized test questions didn't prepare me for this hell

I believe it is finally time to retire this What.CD shirt into my Historical Tshirt Hall of Fame.

Two PDFs and a YouTube video later and this garage sale Singer has been confirmed functional. Dark arts of clothing repair, here we come!

Why yes, yes I do have a problem. The problem is that I don't have any space in any of my bookshelves.

Hello @plants I've got a Japanese maple that seems a little sad. Among beautiful green leaves are some curled brown patches. It's been a fairly dry year, but I've watered in monthly. My current thought is that the gravel which has, up until today, been covering the root base up to the trunk is suffocating it. I'm planning on scooting the gravel back a few feet. Any other ideas on what might be hurting my friend?

New Law: Any sufficiently long cable becomes an absolute mess when I unravel it, regardless of the spool it comes packaged with.

Dry rock wall experiment #1 complete. Hope it holds up to the winter!

Weather station has been moved to a higher elevation to increase its wind reading accuracy (and also make way for a blueberry bush). Only took a slight hit of bad data in the move. I don't know where the rain reading came from. Sweat maybe?

I know this isn't a rare occurance but we've got some newly minted baby guppies in the !

Today, I got a cool chair and a sewing machine. Across the country my parents got a pachinko machine. We spent a combined $10. May everyone's yard saling and assorted used-good treasure hunting find similar success.

My office added engineer vending machines. Pull handle to extract the SQL expert from cryosleep.

Yo dawg I heard you liked The Golden Bough so I put this book in front of your face at Booktown Books.

Got around to adding some of the collectibles I have with cool art to the archive. Cache misses go straight to my fixed-wireless home internet connection so be patient. nullbrook.org/collectibles

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