I went for the first time today with the local Audobon group. Saw over 20 species but my favorite was the most mundane-- a Canadian goose family with goslings!

I filled in the gaps in my bookshelf wall with two triangular shelves made of particleboard and ironically some IKEA spare hardware. It actually turned out pretty nice! Pardon the in-progress game of Ark Nova-- we'll finish it some day.

In the vein of hand computation, here's a cash register operated by placing little clay balls through wooden slots

Built a little 4-cane-style trellis thing out of salvaged wood and speaker cable so this little grape plant doesn't have to crawl on the ground anymore.

poultry, kinda gross 

I've welcomed four little silkie chicks home today! Only a few hours in and I've already cleared out a blocked cloaca. Cheep cheep!


I experience trips to the local tulip garden differently these days

If you were a chick, how would you rate this establishment? Planning on welcoming 3-4 little peeps this week. I hope they like the roosts. Still need the chick fountain and a heat bulb but I'm getting excited.

In honor of marijuana intake day, I bought wizardthieffighter.itch.io/ult which looks like a rad, rules-light psychedelic setting. Trying not to spoil it by reading the PDF before the physical arrives.

Hello fedi, I have some scrap painted redwood boards that came off my deck in a storm. I feel like I can salvage a bird house or two out of them, but I'd love to know if there are any other good uses that a novice could get out of these pieces

body horror, old myths 

Strabo has filled me in on what goes on at those girls-only sleepovers that I wasn't invited to as a kid (Geography Book IV, Chapter IV: Gaul, the Belgae)

For those following at home, this has been my emergency coldframe construction: hoops of metal wire, a thick sheet of plastic (I knew hoarding this packaging would come in handy!), and bricks. Singular plantings will get either the milk jug or clay pot treatment

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