I drank a bunch of coffee and tried to start a plan today. Honestly I kind of prefer the hand-drawn one (especially since I already need to make one for measurements anyway). I'll happily trade the time I'm spending mucking about in LibreOffice Draw with time spent sleeping.

My mom sent me these photos of my father's janky gold smelting operation. Proud of my lineage of fuck-it-who-needs-instructions.

A quick follow-up on the whole house fan thing. Here I have my energy usage as reported by PG&E next to the temperaturers recorded inside and outside my house by my weather station. The solid line's drop on Monday 0400 was when I woke up in the middle of the night and started the whole house fan for the first time. The dips in the solid line around 2100 each day are when I start the fan after peak time (1/2)

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Evidence left at the scene of the crime where the biggest tomato on the plant has disappeared. Looking at you, deer.


I didn't sign up for these temperatures.

Went on a dad vacation today. Took the day off and started resealing the deck.

Back in business with the ads-b setup. Hopefully won't see firefighting helicopters having to put out fireworks tonight.

"Hey babe, come over, I've got the perfect movie to watch"

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