Recommended early-Autumn activity: harvest basil seeds.
Step 1: Cut off the flower/seed pod once it has turned entirely brown
Step 2: Leave to dry a few days
Step 3: Crush the pods in a paper bag
Step 4: Dump out onto a piece of paper, preferably folded a bit
Step 5: Blow the chaff away gently

Made an attempt to mount a butterfly for the first time. I found this fellow had been deceased for a bit of time so I didn't try to spread its wings too much.

Been really enjoying my physical copy of Mini Motorways

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Visited a lavender garden today. There are better places to have a baby photo shoot but always fun to see another farm.

Unseasonably early plums calls for jamming. This batch was just plums, sugar and pectin. Anyone have a better ?

Went on a tour/lecture of First Rain Farm. No till and the only soil amendment is an on-site compost made of wood-chips and goat piss applied on the beds once a year. Prescribed burns and grazing for land management. Inspiring simplicity

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"The elites don't want you to know this but the turkeys at your parents house are free. You can take them home. I have 458 turkeys." (I didn't actually take any baby turkeys)

New blog post! I finished reading The Travels of Sir John Mandeville and wrote down all of the fun middle english words I didn't know. Here are a few examples:

mickle: a great many
"Men go to the city of Rames, the which is but a little thence; and it is a fair city and a good and mickle folk therein."

septentrion: north, or northerly regions
"And therefore in the Septentrion, that is very north, is the land so cold, that no man may dwell there."

Bonus! This little seedling hitched a ride with one of the strawberry plants. My mother bought them from a nursery so perhaps it'll be interesting.

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Hopefully these June-bearing strawberries don't mind being June-planted. This bed just took longer than expected to complete. Rabbits, please leave some for me.

In the age of the Commodore, 3-2-1 Contact, ostensibly a magazine aimed at children, published a series of pretty rad BASIC programs to be typed into or other machines. I've put together a somewhat searchable PDF of the old scans my dad had in his archives here: but you can seek out the sections yourself in full color here:

Bonus close-up of the flowers. Bees love them! But they look sorta silly next to the white roses from the garden

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The white flowers of this mock orange actually look pretty decent on this trellis. The smell is incredible and the pollen even more so.

Delighted by Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book, an early collection of nursery rhymes. The British Museum has made part of it available online. In addition to the humorous prose there's this little advertisement on the last page. "Tired of beating your children? Try teaching them some naughty rhymes!"

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