Car problems 

RIP Brandon the Prius. You were nothing but trouble but you got us through many years. (No, that dent isn't new, the engine just gave out today).

And we have books in the new site! It isn't amazing but probably the best I'll do until I build a proper book scanner

This is a crow enclosure that happens to have some wolves. Oakland

I don't know what font this is, but it's way too cyberpunk for a hospital chain

Any fans out there that would be able to help me with this telescope? A neighbor chucked this sturdy, albeit old and non-name telescope in the dumpster! This will be my first ever telescope so I think it'll be a start. I'm assuming I'm missing an eyepiece but everything else seems to be there... is there hope?

Who would have thought having a database would be useful. Look! Filtering!

Audio Experiment:
1. Record tape loops
2. Wait sufficiently long to forget what each one is
3. Place in a plastic bag
4. Shake vigorously
5. See what comes out once done moving and unboxing the reel-to-reel

And we have a random button! Lord have mercy on my CDN

Really excited to see some level of ISP competition in Nevada County. One day I may have fiber from a local carrier (the green sections are Race Communications planned coverage zones)!

Website rewrite coming along okay. Don't mind the placeholder image


This took me way longer than I like to admit, but I think it's quite pretty for a bronze age dwelling

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