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I make my cookies look like shit so people are more inclined to eat them

Bad news, I fucked up the wineglass, good news it looks pretty neat

Picked up a couple copies of Shatter, an early -- nothing too original, but scratches that Blade Runner itch.


My father found a new use for the rubber washers from hard drive screws

Gotta say, the Losantiville looks like the most goth steamship that ever sailed the Mississippi

Gave a spin today. As someone who has spent about 500 hours in Rimworld but couldn't get myself to learn Dwarf Fortress, I would give this game an 8/10.

Opened VCV Rack for the first time in awhile. Maybe some day years from now I'll finish a song

Rainy day really making me want to quit working and mess around with some tape loops

I'm guessing the high number of photos from the 40's is due to a type of processing popular at the time that included the date on the photo. People are terrible about annotating that information themselves

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