@RyunoKi as a child I didn't care if my house was destroyed or I died or whatever, but I did want to finish my Fire Emblems battle. Luckily never had my house or school hit by a tornado. They've come close though

@RyunoKi if you can bring a little TV and a gamecube down there you can recreate my childhood

@RyunoKi in my experience you hang out in the basement or wish you had a basement to hang out in

@pixouls at least you don't have to use Google Chat. Per-channel notification settings that defaults to "notify on every message" and forgets your preference if you leave and rejoin a channel

I went for the first time today with the local Audobon group. Saw over 20 species but my favorite was the most mundane-- a Canadian goose family with goslings!

@varve nice! I feel like a bunch of little paperbacks is about equal to the weight of one feline so that gives me some confidence

@pixouls that is indeed the shape! Guess I need to go practice my tangrams again

Has anyone made wood/particleboard floating shelves? Is it foolish to consider such an endeavor?

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I filled in the gaps in my bookshelf wall with two triangular shelves made of particleboard and ironically some IKEA spare hardware. It actually turned out pretty nice! Pardon the in-progress game of Ark Nova-- we'll finish it some day.

@terinjokes >posts beer
>does not post name of beer nor rating
Where are your manners?

I'd always wanted to build an ant farm, but I have now been granted a full operation in the kitchen. It's not as pleasant to have, but still fun to watch

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