@Tay0 No need for a blue light special when the whole store is on closeout. They've got 3 aisles full of the same coat right now.

Dang our KMart is closing. It's the last KMart in California. Though to be fair they don't play the cool 80s muzak anymore so it stopped being a real KMart long ago

imagining someone in a power rangers–style mecha frantically typing like "arm-move -r punch --power 56"

Where the Wheat Grows Tall is the perfect autumn . It's based in Slavic folklore and has adorable illustrations of little demon crop children and noon wraiths. kickstarter.com/projects/aband

Reading about a local superfund site:

In 1989, Elder and a partner bought 486 acres, including Lava Cap Mine, for real estate development. Elder eventually kept 100 acres including the mine for himself.

On New Year’s Eve of 1996, heavy rains caused the log dam to burst, sending 10,000 cubic yards of mine tailings gushing into Little Clipper Creek and Lost Lake.



@pixouls I put long-form stuff on my blog (like wolfmd.me/blog/some-space-to-t ) but it's rare for me to be sufficiently focused to put down that writing. Sometimes gardening stuff ends up in my occaisionally updated gemlog portal.mozz.us/gemini/gmi.wolf

Spatial reasoning standardized test questions didn't prepare me for this hell

I believe it is finally time to retire this What.CD shirt into my Historical Tshirt Hall of Fame.

complaining about anime 

I've been noticing a positive linear trend in the amount of time an anime spends in loud obnoxious crying and its release date. Is it that hard to make people feel things these days?

@Mitsu my ancestors left France so they wouldn't have to learn French

@selfsame sounds like a sweet wrestling move. I'd read that

@mike it gets used pretty often in my company's Photographers room. Definitely one of those emojis that I have to quickly remove/replace if I mis-apply it though

@glyph this is perfect, thank you so much! As a bonus, here's the little volunteer who (along with Merlin Sheldrake's Entangled Life) helped reignite my interest in mycology.

@glyph thank you for the thoughtful responses! I live in a rural area in the Sierra Nevadas with access to plenty of wood/straw as well as coffee beans. I'm most interested in growing local varieties mostly to experiment with how fungus works. That being said, I'd also love to get to the point of growing oyster mushrooms or other useful mushrooms. I plan on starting with a shoebox size grow this year.

Hey fedi, I'm looking to setup an indoor grow over the winter to pass the time. Any suggestions on substrates that worked particularly well for you?

reuse ideas welcome 

@compostablespork if you have plants, that'd be a good way to apply a home formula of pest deterent.

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