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The year is 2030. All nonhuman life has been exterminated. People live in concrete domes at the center of each continent, and all servers are in Canada.

@alex I use environment variables loaded from secrets in production


Certificates renewed with free ssl providers. Now I can ignore namecheap trying to extort me with their $200 certificates.

Fresh out the oven! I'm bringing back my old-photo posting bot now that I run my own instance and don't have to feel bad for spamming media posts. I present @nullbrook which will post once or twice a day if that's not too much. There's about 10k items in the archive so hopefully it doesn't get boring!

@whtrbt I've finally started to comprehend Dwarf Fortress, does that mean I'm ready to try out nethack? I agree that there's a beauty to the text/graphics style

@starwall the cheese I bought the other day turned out to be pretty tasty

On that note, does anyone know of a good PDA with a full QWERTY keyboard? Honestly considering getting an old feature phone if I can't locate my Nokia N900.

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@Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi don't worry. It's just as bad the other way around too. Maybe if we swapped music tastes things would be easier

Reminiscing about the days when we all congregated outside, I went through and organized the notes I took about the strangers I saw around me ~2015-2018. It's a little cringe, but compiling it has provided a fun portal into everyday pre-lockdown living.

@zens oh dang, deacon never showed us these in religion class. Really miss being able to old German Catholic archives for this sort of stuff.

@zens iirc judeochristian angels are hermaphrodites or maybe I'm just thinking of Interspecies Reviewers...

@neauoire I got around to watching this after seeing your recommendation. Incredible, thank you!

If I want to consider config management (or at least some level of config-as-code-as-documentation) for personal web services and I'm running stuff in jails, is there any software that won't feel like work? Do I just make some disgusting sh scripts?

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