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Though I haven't managed to escape mechanical keyboards during quarantine since my wife has a fancy gamer keyboard with cherry mx blacks

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Every day time I'm annoyed by the sounds of mechanical keyboards, I look at the photos of huge office rooms with rows and rows of typewriters and calm down a wee bit.

I walked around sketchy ass Oakland for half an hour and couldn't find the party. Did raves turn invisible when I turned 25?

I'll file this under "posts that I don't want to show up during an interview"

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Sometimes I paste large chunks of data into vim instead of copying a file over just because it's pretty to watch scroll by.

Us pol 

It worked for me until White Castle came out with all of those interesting vegetarian options. My only saving grace now is that there isn't a White Castle in walking distance.

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When my child reaches a certain age I'm going to put them in a scared straight program in which they enter a White Castle slider eating competition with a classmate. Maybe it'll make them eat healthier later in life. tips for

🌳 Lake Superior: its character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other similar regions.
Boston: Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1850.

With Castro Street closed to traffic, I actually like this area now

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