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Small confession: the apt dependencies on my mail server are so messed up I've just been trying to wipe and start fron scratch

Anyone run an iredmail server before? Looking for something friendly with freebsd

I'm guessing the high number of photos from the 40's is due to a type of processing popular at the time that included the date on the photo. People are terrible about annotating that information themselves

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I still don't use this database of my archive anywhere but it makes doing little searches fun. I've definitely gotten more disciplined with naming over the years

I highly recommend seeking out someone who does actual tintype photography. It's incredible

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That last thread reminds me of a tintype photo I got made at Makerfaire 2018 with my coworkers. We gave it to our boss and he was so confused at our ability to time travel

One thing that I've always wanted to do is train a model on photographs and given context clues -- mostly the film but eventually the clothing styles-- guess the decade a photo came from.

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The context is this store: which is the hue of a photo from the 00s but has some graphic design and devices that imply a later date. I don't know. I'm not an expert in old houseware

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Anyone familiar with a community or fuck it even some AI shit that is good at deciphering handwriting?

I can read everything except the year. 1907?

so the thing i am trying to find is the original patterns that the mac patterns were based on. 80% of them are easy to find in amongst basic letratone sets, but a couple have me scratching my head wondering just what they’re actually meant to be.

i once spent way too much time trying to make them myself, and i can share the results of that if anyone is curious- there’s just, like, a handful of these that are not at all obvious.

Can anyone recommend a comic/zine/novel similar in whimsy to Troika! ? I'm about to just start reading lore and character books

this whole internet thing is just multicast fax whats the big deal

kinda weird album art 

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