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A dragon burned down my Dwarf Fortress. I feel liberated. It's a new year where I can be free of min/maxing this game. Maybe.

Notable works coming into public domain at midnight 


The Midnight Gospel is a cool show. It's especially cool when muted. Maybe I'm not woke enough.

Everything is either a frog or some other thing

Someone needs to sneak into my room and rm -rf Dwarf Fortress from my computer

I finally watched Nightmare Before Christmas. Now I can understand Hot Topic

This Christmas Eve I'm cleaning the shit out my apartment while getting black-out drunk so I can wake up and pretend Santa cleaned my apartment.

Sergei Iukhimov, Lord of the Rings illustrations for late 80s Soviet publication

@whalefall I recall England being described as "The country that conquered the world looking for spices only to decide they didn't like any of them."

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