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Occaisionally in stacks of old photos I'll find one that's quite pretty

Update: who would have thought that installing chrome on a NAS would be a bad idea? Not even 1000 links in and I'm out of swap space

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theory: moby is just the wario version of brian eno

Whoa mushroom pate is great. I can finally make proper banh mi now.

My mother-in-law has some wonderful citrus action going on. I married my wife so I could get clippings.

Oh man I forgot that Team Fortress 2 still has custom sprays. Back when we trusted user generated content...

Finished Peter Dickinson' The Flight of Dragons. Dragon lore built into a tenuous but lovely pile of evidence that dragons once existed on Earth. If only all conspiracy theories were this benign...

I finally had time to sit down with this frankly wonderful video documentary about the history of early home video.

I've been meaning to watch it for a while, and I expected it to be excellent. It's even better than I anticipated.

Alright, first things first, I live in this space. It's where I spend my time. Old technology, video cameras, and DIY media are my passions.


you know what else we should bring back from 1919? laudinum

>unbox Valve Index
>take time to carefully set it up
>realize there's no sound in Ubuntu
>carefully pack away Valve Index
Waiting for another day when I am more determined to face the Linux audio boss stage

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