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I'm doing my part as a citizen of California to report Comcast for monopolistic behavior.

I used to draw every day at lunch. When I couldn't sit down at a table any more, that mostly stopped. Hopefully after covid I'll be able to do it more often.

Finally people
heard him and he was rescued
from this dreadful place

I don't know what font this is, but it's way too cyberpunk for a hospital chain

I feel asleep for five minutes during which I imagined several fediverse threads that were GPT3-level nonsense. To be determined if they were real or not.

My new project automatically grills a steak in the evening if the weather is nice

It is a fine night steak machine

Any fans out there that would be able to help me with this telescope? A neighbor chucked this sturdy, albeit old and non-name telescope in the dumpster! This will be my first ever telescope so I think it'll be a start. I'm assuming I'm missing an eyepiece but everything else seems to be there... is there hope?

its free, its fast and its simple: deleting your reddit account

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