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Neighbors moving to Bali so I inherited these beauties. I've never had plants like these. Any tips on keeping big houseplants?

Love the minimalist Tektronix 108 pulse generator from 1959. There's nothing but a mercury relay inside, generates 1 nanosecond pulses (I should say "millimicrosecond" to be authentic), no semiconductor could be that fast back then. But do remember to turn it off ASAP after each experiment or the relay dies! #electronics

Still spooked by the weird pentagram-like star on the wall of the garage. Makes me suspicious of the mysterious piles of earth in the yard that seem to grow plants particularly well...

This looked a lot nicer before I put the water in. The log is from the backyard and I have no idea if I prepped it correctly.

history of lewd 

Reading about the manner in which classical greek citizenry would fetishize and masturbate upon the lifelike statues in public places really drives the point humans have never been safe from the horny.

I meed help identifying these . They are smol, fly very fast and go ree ree ree as if they were an insect. I know that's not a lot to go off, but I couldn't find it on the Audubon website.

I need a trellis archway to get under the mock orange bush but my wife doesn't have that issue

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