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Went on a dad vacation today. Took the day off and started resealing the deck.

Caves of Qud, very good. Now can someone tell me if that canonically rhymes or not?

Residential building codes require all dwellings to have a fire escape with roof access to watch the fire works.

Back in business with the ads-b setup. Hopefully won't see firefighting helicopters having to put out fireworks tonight.

Is there an Audacity fork? Or alternative?

An aperture card! Used as a very early image tagging/sorting system, you'd have microfilm mounted in a punch card, so you could have a regular punch card organizer/sorter find your images. The DoD loved them because they could store tons and tons of engineering blueprints in an organized, computer-sortable and -searchable way.

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More new work! Welcome to Barbon village and its valley, Barbondale.

A lovely walk we’ve often done, except this time I was somewhat eaten alive by all the deer flies.

Loads more photos of this hike here, if you like -> 👍

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bridge 28 on film

I love the colors in this picture, and the haze...

"Hey babe, come over, I've got the perfect movie to watch"

In which I complain about a very talented author because he doesn't make enough funny

How bad was the dot com bust?

Met someone today who said he was a recent graduate who already had programming experience but after the company went down the only job he could find was as a ColdFusion programming intern working out of a wastewater treatment plant in Oakland.

Feeling supremely lucky in the timing of my birth.

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