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Animal death 

Never had any mountain lions but lost a goose to a hawk. After he kicked the hawk to death (an action he now regrets) the hawks never again bothered his flock. "There's a fungus invading here," he said. "It's a yellowing that starts at the base of the plant and works its way up. If you wipe the plant you'll feel what seems to be a fine curry powder. The spores. It was introduced to kill cannabis crops but now its spreading elsewhere". 2/3

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I met up with a gentleman named Jesse at a storage unit in Penn Valley. Tall, sturdy build with and Astroworld tshirt and wellworn jeans. He and his partner were liquidating some of their old farm supplies in preparation for a move across the country. In search of cheap land and a new start, he shared some tposts, fencing, and cages with me alongside tales of how his farming went. 1/2

I'm a bit late this year to take advantage of the apples in my yard but does anyone have a good recipe they would recommend?

Dry rock wall experiment #1 complete. Hope it holds up to the winter!

Climbing on ladders is horrifying. How do people do that for a living?

Weather station has been moved to a higher elevation to increase its wind reading accuracy (and also make way for a blueberry bush). Only took a slight hit of bad data in the move. I don't know where the rain reading came from. Sweat maybe?

just ran across a self hostable todo list app that is #floss and #agpl licensed

I know this isn't a rare occurance but we've got some newly minted baby guppies in the !

Today, I got a cool chair and a sewing machine. Across the country my parents got a pachinko machine. We spent a combined $10. May everyone's yard saling and assorted used-good treasure hunting find similar success.

My office added engineer vending machines. Pull handle to extract the SQL expert from cryosleep.

"When I saw [these fleshless corpses in the underworld], the life of man came before me under the likeness of a great pageant, arranged and marshalled by Chance, who distributed infinitely varied costumes to the performers." - Lucian, Menippus

Sometimes I think "maybe I shouldn't spend 8 hours straight playing Crusader Kings III" but how else would I learn the name of every historical county in Europe? I could read Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War but the multiplayer mode for that isn't quite as interactive.

It's raining! Ah! Sweet, wonderful smelling rain. Just a little bit but how exciting

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