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A new fire retardant, PHOS-CHECK Fortify, was approved by the USDA Forest Service with the unique selling point that after applied it's effective for months. I'm assuming that given the previous version had PFAs and the Environmental Fate section of this MSDS is blank that we'll find out in 50 years this was a terrible idea.

I guess I'm mostly concerned that preventative applications of fire retardant lets fuel build up over the years, creating potentially worse fires

Hello @plants I've got a Japanese maple that seems a little sad. Among beautiful green leaves are some curled brown patches. It's been a fairly dry year, but I've watered in monthly. My current thought is that the gravel which has, up until today, been covering the root base up to the trunk is suffocating it. I'm planning on scooting the gravel back a few feet. Any other ideas on what might be hurting my friend?

facebook, serious talk 

At some point your Facebook account will go away.

Whether that's from running afoul of one of their algorithms or because you delete it, or because the company and its servers disappear: your Facebook account will disappear at some point.

It's up to you to determine how you handle that.

Do you be proactive and make contacts with people on other platforms, or do you treat those connections as ephemeral. I can't make that choice for you. Both are completely valid.


But on the plus side, I successfully ran an ethernet line to my office so we don't have a cable in the hallway anymore!

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New Law: Any sufficiently long cable becomes an absolute mess when I unravel it, regardless of the spool it comes packaged with.

"The fun part is that most of the cannabis crops are resistant now". He didn't ask much for his supplies-- most of it handmade. "I'll let you know when I've gone through the shed. I'm sure we've got more to get rid of". Godspeed, Jesse. 3/3

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Animal death 

Never had any mountain lions but lost a goose to a hawk. After he kicked the hawk to death (an action he now regrets) the hawks never again bothered his flock. "There's a fungus invading here," he said. "It's a yellowing that starts at the base of the plant and works its way up. If you wipe the plant you'll feel what seems to be a fine curry powder. The spores. It was introduced to kill cannabis crops but now its spreading elsewhere". 2/3

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I met up with a gentleman named Jesse at a storage unit in Penn Valley. Tall, sturdy build with and Astroworld tshirt and wellworn jeans. He and his partner were liquidating some of their old farm supplies in preparation for a move across the country. In search of cheap land and a new start, he shared some tposts, fencing, and cages with me alongside tales of how his farming went. 1/2

I'm a bit late this year to take advantage of the apples in my yard but does anyone have a good recipe they would recommend?

Dry rock wall experiment #1 complete. Hope it holds up to the winter!

Climbing on ladders is horrifying. How do people do that for a living?

Weather station has been moved to a higher elevation to increase its wind reading accuracy (and also make way for a blueberry bush). Only took a slight hit of bad data in the move. I don't know where the rain reading came from. Sweat maybe?

just ran across a self hostable todo list app that is #floss and #agpl licensed

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