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Dang our KMart is closing. It's the last KMart in California. Though to be fair they don't play the cool 80s muzak anymore so it stopped being a real KMart long ago

imagining someone in a power rangers–style mecha frantically typing like "arm-move -r punch --power 56"

Where the Wheat Grows Tall is the perfect autumn . It's based in Slavic folklore and has adorable illustrations of little demon crop children and noon wraiths.

Reading about a local superfund site:

In 1989, Elder and a partner bought 486 acres, including Lava Cap Mine, for real estate development. Elder eventually kept 100 acres including the mine for himself.

On New Year’s Eve of 1996, heavy rains caused the log dam to burst, sending 10,000 cubic yards of mine tailings gushing into Little Clipper Creek and Lost Lake.


Spatial reasoning standardized test questions didn't prepare me for this hell

I believe it is finally time to retire this What.CD shirt into my Historical Tshirt Hall of Fame.

complaining about anime 

I've been noticing a positive linear trend in the amount of time an anime spends in loud obnoxious crying and its release date. Is it that hard to make people feel things these days?

Hey fedi, I'm looking to setup an indoor grow over the winter to pass the time. Any suggestions on substrates that worked particularly well for you?

Two PDFs and a YouTube video later and this garage sale Singer has been confirmed functional. Dark arts of clothing repair, here we come!

Why yes, yes I do have a problem. The problem is that I don't have any space in any of my bookshelves.

Today the Internet has brought the work of Dan Curtin to my attention.

Today on my way home I stopped to see another old bridge.
The picture of the trees is the cottage I slept at :)

Interview candidate: "Oh yeah, I read your blog. I loved the minimalism post."

Me, beet red: "Haha, th-thanks"

Isn't that the post where I came out as a misanthrope? I hope they didn't actually read that far.

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