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I was out picking up a changing table off Craigslist and the sellers 5-year-old daughter was out trying help us. "Wow, you're truck is dirty!" she said. Followed up by "you're handsome!" Followed up by "Well, I call every boy handsome." Gee thanks

Finally put in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves but I'm still not happy with it. Now I feel like I need to put in a wall-shelf over the window to connect the two shelves.

Not that I needed another reel to reel but this one has a neat little built-in speaker. Word to the wise, Astrostereo muzak compilations are actually dope.

Artsy statement about capitalism outside the last KMart in California?

New set of pogs are now available to view (very slowly). These seem to be from early in the pogs craze with many of the caps mentioning small businesses in Hawaii or other local interest. They managed to make it across the Pacific though! Found at a flea market in Sacramento, CA.

While I haven't gone through a full year cycle here yet, it seems most of the visible fungal activity in my yard prefers the company of oaks over pines.

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I wish all operators of java-based systems vulnerable to the log4j exploit a pleasant Friday. Not the way anyone wants to slide into the weekend.

After five years of bookstore perusing, I've finally found a mostly complete copy of the Travels of Sir John Mandeville. My collection of absurd travel stories is one tome closer to completion.

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