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I began getting these weird emails in some sort of code to some addresses I gave out at conferences. Feels like some sort of C&C thing. Or maybe it just gets past sapm filters. Has anyone else seen this type of spam before?

Channelled some Halloween night energy to help me finish this blog post about some of my favorite memories

i am very interested in computers, which is why none of my computers work

Current me thanks 16 year old me for buying this set of Serial Experiments DVDs at the flea market. Look at these cool stickers!

What I expected to do during a downpour: relax with a book, some coffee, and a downtempo album.

What I'm doing: on top of the shed, trying to troubleshoot the weather station and shoveling out drainage ditches

It's way too early to call drought-buster, but 16cm in the last few days feels pretty promising. And it's still coming down. Praise be.

@kelbot why are v's so hard? This device is also evidently not meant for people like myself who never learned to hold a pencil correctly. That being said, I love it!

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Oh look it's my backpack from college. I think this was like the first time I tried sewing. I only had to resew a couple of them back in the day.

Hey @kelbot is this pda any good? It has been hiding in my parents' closet since 2013

Meeting at a church,
the agents briefly debate
the nature of faith

Autumn tape selection. Notably missing black metal albums since most of those are at my parents house across the country
Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside
Утро - Утро
DIM - Compendium Reliquiae
Dessa Sons - The Other Tape
Air Hockey / Wounded Knee - Split
Hollow Sunshine - Grey Again

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