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This hill makes a mockery of me whenever I take a bike ride, but I still love it.

Walking into a warm home from the cold outdoors is waaay better than walking into a cool home from the hot outdoors.

Whoops @neauoire my partner and I accidentally acquired an 18th century style upright harpsichord with robotic electromagnetic hammers and unleashed Orca on it

New handwriting deciphering challenge! What is the name of the inn that this woman is sitting at? I did eventually figure this one out.

Yooo first batch was like 70% successful. That's a win in my book. Once they dry we'll see how well the color formed. Having a farmhouse sink and a variable water heater made this process so much less stressful than previous runs.

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Going to process 8 rolls of film. This time I won't ruin them all. This time...

I'm looking for a instance to join. Is the place to be? @pixouls @liaizon

Let the first little experiments begin! Left: trying to grow mushrooms from the back yard, right: half-assed oyster mushroom setup.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to find solid charities to donate to. I have more income than I need to live, but I also don't want to be using that money fund something ridiculous like or non-profits that are fronts for money laundering. I'm considering investing in local organic farms/faming efforts and nature preserves, but I'd love to know how others approach this.

The rough summer this year makes this autumn all the more beautiful

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